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This is who I am

Introducing yourself on a flight to the person sitting next to you on a plane as “a pastor”, always caused this very awkward silence and after that a relaxed everyday conversation with just another human being was out of the question.

The comedian and pastor, known to many only as Pastor J. John, on explaining : How to explain what you do, when you're a pastor! A must see video! 

This helped me re-identifying me and what I am doing here on earth.

So, here is one of my descriptions of who I am.


This is who I am

I am an Ambassador of the King of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ.

To tell and manifest the Good News that He really is the New King.

For that reason, I am a poverty fighter,

A Kingdom Lifestyle and Health Coach and Practitioner,

And an Influencer and Mind Changer.


How can I serve you?

I don’t know what your challenges and needs are at the moment.

But what I can offer you is a way out.

I believe we can do what everybody do and work from 9 to 5 for someone else for the rest of our lives

Or we can start building our own businesses, slowly but surely, first part-time till we can dare firing our boss and do it full-time.

As a family, we are on this journey to financial freedom. 

And what we are offering you, is an opportunity to join us on this journey if this could also meet some of your needs.