I have a dream for South Africa and Africa

I asked Abba-Father, King Jesus and Holy Spirit what His heart is for me, for my people-group, the Afrikaner, for the country me and my ancestors are living in, South Africa, and for the continent, Africa, where we all are.

 And I believe I saw something of God’s heart and love for us all.

 I saw a new season.

 I saw God moving among us in a remarkable new and astonishing way. I saw movements of God’s Spirit among people-groups everywhere, bringing about life, hope, renewal, deep spiritual healing and change of paradigms.

 I saw people hearing, much to their surprize, the voice of God when they read the Bible, and discovering God answering them when they start talking and praying to the God of the Bible.

 And I saw small groups of people everywhere on this journey of discovery, discipling one another and teaching one another what Jesus taught us.

 I saw how all of this was changing these people-groups. Their way of thinking, feeling and choosing was changed which led to a change in behaviour, self-belief and in what was valuable to them.

 What happened in families and in all kinds of relationships, changed dramatically.

 I saw a generation of fatherless and motherless people rediscovering and experiencing the love of Abba-Father for them, and I saw how this helped them rediscover their wired-for-love design.

 I also saw the picture of the Church, the Biblical Ekklesia, dramatically changing from Mammon-driven and self-loving systems and organisations to locally restored family groups, knowing that they are members of something much bigger world-wide, the Body of Christ Jesus, and called as kings, priests and prophets, to be ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth