The prophetic word for 2023 and years coming

The Prophetic word for 2023 and years after that



Part 1 – Lord, open my eyes to see what really is happening............................................................ 2

Part 2 of the Prophetic word for 2023............................................................................................. 4

Part 3 – Do you see it? Do you see the mighty move of God happening in and around you?.............. 6

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Part 1 – Lord, open my eyes to see what really is happening


I’ve asked the Lord to show me what He is busy in the lives of His children during this season. And this is what I’ve heard. Of course, as God command us to do in 1 Thess. 5:19-24, test it yourself at the feet of the Lord.

The Lord reminded me that the new Jewish year started with Rosh Hashanah last year, the 25-26th September 2022.

It was the year 5837. In the symbol of this year, the Hebrew letter, Pei, symbolizes the open doors

God will use to change everything, because nothing is impossible for Him. And the Hebrew letter, Ayin, symbolizes the open mouths when God’s people will, again, discover the power there is in our mouths when we start repeating what God is saying in His word and in His promises to us. What God says and has said, stands forever because God can’t lie.

The Lord took me to Genesis 28 and further and showed me Jacob running for his life from his brother. 

Late one night, he found himself a place to sleep in the desert, found a stone that he could use as a pillow, probably rapped it with his coat, and went to sleep.

Later that night he dreamt this supernatural dream. He saw this ladder between heaven and earth, and angels climbed up and down on this ladder. At the top of this ladder was God Himself.

God said, while He was showing me this, that this is what is going on in the lives of each of us in this new season. God Himself, in His almighty power and grace, was busy preparing and doing what He wanted to do there.

Friends, can you think what will happen if God open up your eyes to see what really is going on every moment, 24/7? O, how it would build you up, comfort and strengthen you!

At least, then, you will understand the promise in Rom. 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

That is also when, as happened with Jacob, that you will realize, that God is with me, right here where I am, in this place, and in this situation! And this is not only true during the difficult or challenging times of my life. No, the Living God, for Whom nothing is impossible, Who became my Father and Lord in Jesus Christ, Who gave His Only Son also for me, that God is here with me, busy with me, and busy in my life, now!

I don’t know how that will change your life the moment when you start believing that for real!

Listen to what it did in Jacob’s life, where he was. And remember, he was still living in the time of the Old Testament, nearly a thousand years before the birth of Christ! So, he understood not even a tenth of what you know about God and what He really is busy doing here on earth!

But this is how Jacob reacted.

Gen. 28:20-22

“And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, ‘If God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat and raiment to put on, so that I come again to my father’s house in peace, then shall the LORD be my God.

And this stone which I have set for a pillar shall be God’s house; and of all that Thou shalt give me I will surely give a tenth unto Thee.’”

I want to ask you again, how are you going to react hearing this word?

How are you going to react knowing that God Himself is busy in His grace realizing something of His Kingdom, right there in your life, in your marriage, in your family, in your business or on your farm?

Yes, that you yourself is fitting into His plans somewhere, somehow, to make this happen. 

What are you willing to make available or to give to let this happen?


Part 2 of the Prophetic word for 2023


Isaiah 61 – This is your season for restoration and harvesting.

Please, read Isaiah 61, but read it as a prophetic word from the living God Himself to you about what He is busy with in and around you in this new season.

Hear the word of the Lord! Hear Him saying to you, this is what I am busy with in your life, and this is what I am going to do through you as part of My bigger plan!

Yes, this is a new season, but not just another new season as so many before. This is a very important season where you can expect very radical change to happen. This is one of those moments in time which they call the tipping point, when the one decisive thing will happen that will change everything.

This is what is happening now all over the world, politically, economically, and socially. But this is also happening within the Body of Christ, within the Ecclesia. Things are busy changing radically to be never the same as before.

I am called to remind you in a time like this that this is the Season of the Mouth.

This is a season where we as the Ecclesia, as the Body of Christ, need to be reminded of the power that is released when we start proclaiming in what we say and pray, what the living God Himself told and promised us in His Word.

For that reason, we need to go and sit each day at the Lord’s feet, to hear from Him what He has to say about what is happening now, in a specific situation, or about a certain challenge that we are faced with.

And when we heard from Him, what’s on His heart for now, then we need to start repeating and proclaiming it with our mouth. We need to start praying and keep on praying exactly what we’ve heard. James 5:16 reminds us about the power of praying this way.

This is also a season that is represented by the Hebrew letter, Gimel. This Hebrew letter is a picture of the camel, which represents in the Eastern world blessing and abundance.

See before you a very wealthy man, with arms full of grace and blessings, running after a poor and needy man. That is what I believe the Lord is promising us in this season, that He is busy preparing and creating channels through His angels and other instruments, to bless His people abundantly in all facets of life.

But this picture of this season as a Gimel-season, has also another side to it. We also read about it in Isaiah 61. 

Yes, it is also a season wherein the wrath of God will be very pertinent. It will be a season when we will see the severe punishment because of sin and disobedience, happening right before our eyes; happening, yes, already here on earth in the lives of people, businesses, in organizations and structures, where hell was flourishing, and the powers of hell was creating havoc. Suddenly, we will see the wrath of God, like a fire, destroying and devouring everything that was created over many years.

We will know then; God is busy restoring things back to what He wanted to happen here. Yes, we will hear God saying, enough is enough!

This is also a season when we can expect what God promises in Jer. 29:11 to 14:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.

And you will seek Me and find [Me], when you search for Me with all your heart.

I will be found by you, says the LORD, and I will bring you back from your captivity.” This is also a season when we hear King Jesus Himself saying the words of John 14:13 to 14:

“And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

If you ask anything in My name, I will do [it].”

For that reason, I hear the Lord saying to each of us: Don’t give up now! Don’t stop believing! Yes, I know you have prayed many times about this, but don’t stop now! 

I hear the Lord telling us, promising us, that is the season that we can expect those breakthroughs to happen and can expect seeing and experiencing what we prayed for.

Therefore, see in your spirit the camels coming on the horizon, on their way to you, loaded with everything you are trusting the Lord for so long! 


Part 3 – Do you see it? Do you see the mighty move of God happening in and around you?


Listen, Ecclesia of Jesus Christ! God is busy doing a mighty work specifically here among us in South Africa!

This is a prophetic word specifically about South Africa and what God is busy doing in this country and her people. Of course, this will also have an impact on what is happening worldwide, as God already said prophetically many a time.

In this regard, do you remember the vision God gave me in 1997 on a train somewhere between Laingsburg and Touwsrivier here in South Africa?

Before I proclaim that prophetic word once again, let me just say the following: 

I am hearing God saying, have a good look at what is going on here in South Africa at the moment.

What I’ve promised a while back, says the Lord, is already happening all around you in South Africa!

 Yes, I know that most of you are looking in total desperation to everything the enemy is busy doing around you, especially all the violence, crime, fraud, economic and financial challenges because of a state and government that is not doing what I intended them to do.

Why do you think this negative, demonic movement is going on at this specific time? Only because the enemy also can see what I am doing and is trying with all his might and power to at least dominate the frontpages, so that the TV and all other media will only have that as sensational news every day. And in this way, so many will be lied to and be blinded for what I am doing around them.

Pray and ask Me for eyes to see what I am busy doing.

This is the word of the Lord.

Here again, is the vision I had in 1997.

In the beginning of 1996, about three years after a new Afrikaans renewal congregation started in Potchefstroom in October 1993, I felt the Lord asking me to write and publish the story of this new family of God and the new way of doing ecclesia God was showing us through His Spirit.

So, later in 1996, my first book, WAARHEEN MET DIE NUWE WYN (Where to go with the new wine), was published.

From the moment this book was published, we were invited all across the country to go and tell this story to believers who also were still in or coming out from the traditional reformed background we were also from, and who wanted to know why this new family of God was growing at the phenomenal rate that it was.

In April 1997, we were invited to go and minister in Ceres in the Western Cape. The family who invited us, also invited us to their vacation home in Vermont, near Hermanus. They also left us a car over there. So, we decided to make a vacation of the trip and to go by train from Potchefstroom to Cape Town.

We left late one afternoon in April from Potch-station, slept on the train, and that following morning, decided to have breakfast on the train. On our way to the dining lounge, with my wife and our two kids in front of me, suddenly, on the windowpane of the train, I had this vision of a revival happening.

Let me immediately say, I am not the type of person who see visions or dream dreams that he remembers regularly. No, that was not who I am. I rather was the typical, reasonable, maybe even sceptical to this airy-fairy stuff like seeing visions. 

But there it was, this movie of a revival right there on the windowpane of the train!

I can still remember the Lord saying, “Do you see, it is revival!” And I replied, “Yes, Lord!”

Then He said, Like the revival during the time of Andrew Murray, in 1860-61!”

I answered, “Yes, Lord, You know I know the details about that revival. I’ve read at least three books about it!”

And I can still hear the Lord saying, “Such a revival is coming again, and it will, again, starts in the Western Cape, flow over South Africa, and then into the rest of the world!”

My reply was, “Lord, I will pay You a million rand to be there!”

It was then that the Lord said He wanted me to be there, but then it will mean that I need to go back to Potch, give over the leadership to the three other leaders who were there already, sell everything we have over there, and then pack and come to the Western Cape.

That was how the vision ended.

The coming week, my wife and I spoke about everything that happened and was said. But in that same time, although nobody knew me in the Hermanus area before then, I was invited to minister to 11 different groups. Quite exhausted, I spoke to the Lord about this and that we thought it was a short vacation break for us as a family. But God just said, “No, not this time. I need to show you why I want you to come to this area permanently.”

On our last day in Vermont, because we would leave around 13h00 that afternoon, my wife and I sat on a bench, looking at the incoming waves. I asked her, “Love, what would be a sign to you that the Lord really has called us to move to this area, and specifically to Hermanus?”

She answered, “Without us telling anyone what we felt the Lord is saying, if someone come in the few hours while we are still here in Hermanus and give us a house to live in if the Lord calls us to come here, I will know it is the Lord speaking to us!”

Well, we still had one meeting left that morning in Hermanus, because a gentleman that we met during our time there in Hermanus, wanted to introduce us also to his wife. While we were sitting and having tea, he suddenly said, “You don’t really know me. But this house, and the next two houses next door, also belongs to us as a family. If the Lord ever calls you to this area, you can come and live in that third house next door!”

Three weeks later we were back in Hermanus, sold our house over there and gave over the ministry there in Potch to the other three leaders in the congregation. And we came, stock, lock and barrel, to Hermanus in May 1997.

Since then, we have been waiting for the first rain to fall of this promised revival! Because God promised it would start here in the Western Cape, at the Southern point of Africa, and will flow from here all across Africa, into Europe, Asia and the America’s, and the rest of the world. All because God loved the world so much that He gave His Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life.

I don’t know about you, but as far as I is concerned, I am busy seeing signs of this promised revival everywhere around me!


Part 4 of the Prophetic word for 2023 and the coming years

A word from the Book of Haggai

I want to remind you in the last of the prophetic words for 2023, about the theme of these words.

In the banner of these words, you will see two Hebrew letters, the letter, Pei, and the letter Gimel, which together symbolizes the Jewish year, 5783.

And as you can see in the banner, during this year and the coming years, we as God’s children, will experience war going on, as an important part of the Kingdom of God coming and of the divine recovery process God is busy with in our lives and in the world around us.

God’s intent is, in every aspect and in every centimetre of our lives, being it the relationships we are in, or who we are, or our health, or finances, etc., God is busy creating and opening new channels and routes for what He knows will be necessary and needed for what is to come.

The Lord says, “See in your spirit how the gates of heaven open up so that My favour, grace, love, and blessings can flow into your lives, so that you, in My service, can have everything you need, and then can be a blessing to others around you!”

This is also the context of this prophetic word I heard from the Lord.

So, please listen to what I heard the Lord is saying, and then, test it for yourself!

I hear the Lord saying, “Come and sit at My feet, just with My Word, the Bible, on your lap, and read from Haggai chapter 1 and 2, to hear what I have to say today.

Can we do that? Let us first read these two chapters then and see if you also can hear what I heard the Lord is saying!

This is what I heard from the Lord.

Do you really not see and not hear what I am saying to you?

You are so busy with a lot of things, in the marketplace, and even in what you call “your church”!

In the midst of all your endeavours and busy-ness, My true Ecclesia, My Body, lie in ruins, scattered in thousands of pieces.

Just think of it, in South Africa alone, you call more than 30 000 different “church-ruins” your church, where everyone over there believe they are the only true church where the truth and nothing but the truth is taught. 

Do you really understand what you are saying and teaching one another then?

What about the rest, the 29 999 other different churches on the outside? 

And what about what I am saying? What about Me saying My Body, My Ecclesia, is one?

Do you understand that whenever what you call your church become little kingdoms that you want to build and want to plant everywhere, that little kingdom needs to bow down before My Kingdom coming, or it will be removed somewhere in the very near future, because it is coming against My Kingdom coming!

Can you now understand why so many of you are working day and night, but still in the end, you feel exhausted and empty and unfulfilled, and are saying to one another, “There have to be more than this!”

Come to your senses, My children, and come and sit again at My feet to hear the Good News from Me!

Come and hear that My heart is still to give you Life and it in abundance!

Come to Me and let Me show you how to release the floodgates of heaven above you! 

Come and let Me show you what can happen when My Kingdom, and only My kingdom, become your only priority in life! 

Come, and let Me show you how to seek only My Kingdom in your business, and in your farming. 

Let Me show you how to prioritise My Kingdom in your planning, budgeting and when handling your profits and dividends monthly and annually. 

Those of you who are fulltime in the service of these thousands and thousands of different churches, as leaders and pastors, and as leaders of the different ministries, let Me show you a new picture of the new wineskin, the New Testament Ecclesia.

Come and sit at My feet, only with My Word, the Bible, on your lap, and let Me teach you what it means to really be in the service of only My Kingdom coming on earth, there where I’ve called you and told you to follow Me as your only King and Lord.

Yes, I need to be your only King and Lord! I am your only God, and not some or other church law of some or other teaching of one of the ruins you call your church!

Remember, I can only bless true obedience with My abundance!

Only when you are doing exactly what I am saying, only then you will be releasing the floodgates of heaven over what you are doing and busy with!

Only then, as I’ve promised over and over again, you will experience life and it in abundance! Only then, you will experience My abundant blessings and favour!